About Arnetta

Founded in 2013, Arnetta is a new age technology enterprise based in Bangalore, India. Through it’s products & solutions, Arnetta solves real time automation challenges of the agriculture ecosystem worldwide.

The Arnetta team believes that the competitive advantage to any enterprise operating in the agriculture ecosystem is in building and sustaining robust operational processes, coupled with empowering efficient farming practices thereby enabling a smarter farming community worldwide.

Arnetta’s digital tools enable automation of vertical specific business processes for enterprises operating in the agriculture ecosystem. Arnetta ‘s cost effective & disruptive mobile and sensor technology also enables farmers and farm owners to optimise farm and farmer efficiency.

The Arnetta team puts to work, rich professional experience across multiple technology platforms & best practices with a single minded focus to enable clients and users with cost effective, usable and scalable digital tools.


Digital Green Suite (DiGiS)

Digital Green Suite (DiGiS) is a technology platform that enables digital tools for automation of operational processes of seed companies.

The DiGiS platform enables seed enterprises to cost effectively automate their operational processes in line with their enterprise specific scenarios.

The DiGiS platform currently has the following modular solutions:

1. Integrated Breeding & Research Management
The Integrated breeding and research management module of DiGiS is a seamless automation tool for seed enterprises. The module enables a more robust approach in enabling an effective and efficient breeding & research department. The module automates the following key processes & functionalities.
  • Nursery or Line Development
  • Hybrid Development & Data Management
  • Pre-Commercialisation Testing & Trials
2. Seed Production, Control & Reporting (Beta)
3. Sales & Channel Management (Beta)

Fasal Doctor (Beta)

Lack of self help confirmatory diagnosis resources are among the top three contributors to sub optimal crop yield. Fasal Doctor bridges this gap.

Fasal Doctor is a Smartphone app that provides pathological interventions for crops. The app is envisioned to be used by farmers to detect diseases and pest attacks in plants/ crops.

The app uses a combination of image recognition technology and machine learning algorithms to provide diagnosis of diseases and pest attacks symptoms in crops.

The development of Fasal Doctor is in full zeal. More updates will follow soon.



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