• The competitive advantage to any enterprise operating in the seed industry ecosystem is in building and sustaining robust research processes, coupled with empowering efficient farming practices thereby enabling a smarter farming community worldwide.


  • Seed enterprises constantly deal with suboptimal investment into breeding resources, decreased capability in finding, managing & representation of research data coupled with crippled breeding decision engines.


  • Arnetta’s Integrated breeding and research management system (iBRMS) is a seamless automation tool for seed enterprises. The solution enables a more robust approach in enabling an effective and efficient breeding & research department.


  • The iBRMS automates the line & hybrid development, and data standardisation of all pedigrees & traits across all crops.


  • The iBRMS enables one touch upload of historical data & provides role based secure access to all users.


  • The iBRMS ensures a secure repository for genetic IP coupled with intelligent insights on qualitative and quantitative parameters.


  • The iBRMS ensures effective utilisation of the R&D budgets by ensuring significant reduction in “time to market” and securing genetic assets.


  • The iBRMS is a easy to use software that ensures data access and control on “Need to know” basis


  • The Arnetta iBRMS achieves faster decision making powered by error free data